Floored By Love the movie

Desiree Lim (a.k.a. Dez)

“Engaging dyke seriocomedy "Sugar Sweet" reps Japan's first fictive feature by and about lesbians… a promising calling card for Chinese-born, Malaysian-raised Nippon helmer Desiree Lim.” Variety Magazine

A filmmaker who thrives on taking action and getting her images out there. Desiree strives to challenge the fine lines between fact and fiction, earth and fire, top and bottom and any other conflicting elements that challenge the imagination.

A culturally diverse hybrid growing up in Malaysia and Japan, Desiree’s career in film and television started in news and documentary programs at TV Asahi in Tokyo, Japan. She continues her karmic journey as a visual wanderer in Vancouver, Canada.

Her cross-gendered, cross-cultural shorts and debut TV feature Sugar Sweet have been screened at many Lesbian & Gay Film Festivals in North America, across Europe and Asia. Desiree’s most recent film “Floored By Love” will be premiering at the New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in June 2005.

Selected work:

Dyke: Just Be It (1999, short, JAPAN)
Disposable Lez (2000, short, JAPAN)
Eroticism (2001, short, JAPAN)
Sugar Sweet (2002, Japanese TV debut feature, Wolfe Video/USA)
Salty Wet (2003, short, CANADA)
Out For Bubble Tea (2004, TV short, Citytv/CANADA)
Some Real Fangs (2004, short, CANADA/JAPAN)
Floored By Love (2005, TV drama, CHUM Television/CANADA)