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Floored By Love (2005)

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Director Desiree Lim
Writer Karen X. Tulchinsky and Desiree Lim
Producer Shan Tam
DOP Carl Bessai

Floored by Love gives a slice of life from the homes of a lesbian couple contemplating about marriage, and a Jewish family taking in an unexpected visitor from the past.

Floored By Love, is a heartwarming family comedy about finding the courage to be who you really are in two different households - a Chinese-Japanese lesbian couple and an African American/Jewish blended family in Vancouver.

Cara thinks she is happily attached in a more-than-perfect relationship with her beautiful, loving partner, Janet....until the same sex marriage law is approved in BC and Janet wants to get married. All hell breaks loose for Cara, pressured to walk the aisle by her lesbian lover, whereas her traditional parents wants her to find a man to marry.

Norman, a mild-mannered accountant is upstaged for attention by his step-children when their biological dad, his wife’s ex-husband, a trendy, hip and now gay actor, breezes into their lives after a long absence. The foundation of the family threatens to crack when their gay teenage son decides to follow his dad back to New York. His liberal, new age mother reluctantly agrees, even though the idea of her son moving across the continent is breaking her heart.

Amidst the setting of two multicultural families, the characters navigate through different layers of universal love for their life partners, children and parents, each on their own, finally to discover their lives are not so far apart.

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Floored By Love

Floored By Love


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Floored By Love